History & development .

Since 2010 we were buying dore/scrap gold bars from African counties and sale in Dubai local market, With increasing customers appreciation we ventured in the Local Dubai Market with the humble beginning in 2014, MG GLOBAL BULLION LLC was incorporated with office at Hakim Building situated at Deira’s famous gold souk, Dubai with a focus on retail / wholesale bullion trading. From that time we undertook transactions and trading with major local bullion traders and manufacturers directly. As retailer / wholesaler we quickly earned our customers’ and suppliers’ trust, which we consider as our key asset in our hearts and can proudly claim to have kept that trust intact until today. This has provided our company a solid foundation for future growth and business development and soon we have emerged as leaders with renowned reputation in the precious metals sector of the Middle East.

In 2016,we expanded to welcome more customers on board and shifted to more spacious and organized new office at Al Shamsi building,from where we made our business tie-ups with more manufacturers, purchasing KGS BARS / TTB from these suppliers with different price for onward sale in the local Dubai market. Today we buy and sell different types of pure gold bars, for example 995 kilo bar, 9999 kilo bar, TTbar, coins etc. Also we buy scrap gold from customers for exchange into pure gold kg bars or for cash; we also provide independent assayor purity tests for our scrap gold clients.

We had been actively purchasing scrap gold bars during the bull markets of 2014 to till now from our clients as exchange against pure gold or cash settlement, supplying their secondary material scrap to the regional gold refineries in return for locally produced pure gold bars.

We are exploring new markets to which we can sell our bullion bars with a focus on the wider Indian-sub Continent, the GCC and the rest of Asia.



Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs



Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation.



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